Constituent Corner Success Stories

One of my proudest achievements as a congressman is the award-winning constituent services in my district offices that help my constituents navigate the intricacies of the federal bureacracy. Through directly intervening with various federal agencies on behalf of my constituents, my caseworkers in Tucson, Avondale, and Yuma have helped serve over 15,000 families and individuals since 2003. In FY2017 alone, we assisted in 17 foreclosure postponements and modifications--saving constituents over $2 million. 

Although much attention is paid to the policy discussions in Washington, helping the people of Southern Arizona through constituent services is truly the heartbeat of my office. In 2018, the Congressional Management Foundation recognized my office as having the best constituent services in the House of Representatives, and we build upon this legacy each day by serving the people of Southern Arizona in the best way that we can. 

Below are just a few of the many constituent success we've had over the years in cases as varied as immigration, health care, veterans issues, housing, and more. When noted, names have been changed for privacy: 

Larry* contacted my office for assistance in obtaining both military service records and medical records from the VA. NPRC and the Phoenix VA Health Care System were both contacted and asked to provide all records for constituent. He has since used the records to obtain medical care and benefits from the VA. 

Don* was seeking assistance to retain the status of his background investigation for security clearance with Raytheon. Upon contacting the Office of Personnel Management, they were able to complete the investigation and forward it to the Consolidated Adjudications Facility. Soon after, he was contacted by his employer stating that clearance was granted. 

Jeff* came to my office with concerns about his student loan debt. He is permanently disabled and sought options on loan repayment or loan discharge. My office contacted the Department of Education, who provided him with the information he needs to discharge his debt, due to his disabled status and inability to work.

Brad* contacted my office because he was charged a penalty for early withdrawal of his 401k fund. Because he was a recipient of Social Security disability benefits, he was eligible to have these penalties waived.  My office contacted the IRS, who waived the penalty. The remainder of his tax liability was placed in non-collectable status, saving him $3,250.00.   

Paula* had a pending foreclosure sale date after a modification review had been denied due to incomplete documentation. My office contacted the bank and received a postponement of 60 days to allow the constituent time to re-submit documents for review, effectively saving her home.

Maria* contacted my office after the Veterans Benefits Administration erroneously recorded that her father never completed his military service jeopardizing the GI bill benefits she was eligible for as a dependent-leaving her on the hook for $50,163.60 at the University of Arizona. After intervening in her case, father’s separation code was corrected by the United States Air Force resulting in the reinstatement of GI benefits and erasing the debt recorded.

Paul* contacted my office after his SSA "Extra Help" was cancelled and his monthly co-pay for critical HIV medication increased to $500. After calling SSA, our caseworkers detected an error with IRS that resulted in the cancellation of his "Extra Help." We worked with SSA to remedy the situation, and his "Extra Help" was reinstated while his appeal petition is pending. Now, he can afford the life-saving HIV medication he needs.

Jennifer* contacted my office after submitting her DACA application and an unexpected delay put her work permit and current job in jeopardy. We worked with US Citizenship & Immigration Services to resolve the issue and Jennifer received her work permit within a few days—allowing her to keep her job, seniority, and benefits.

Jose* contacted my office interested in naturalization. After assisting with a review of his completed N-400 (application) and I-912(fee waiver) form, his naturalization was accepted, application was approved, and his oath ceremony was scheduled. The total process saved him $875.00 in fees.

Mr. S* had a check mailed to him by the Social Security Administration, but the check was sent to the wrong address. He contacted my office after repeated unsuccessful attempts to get SSA to mail him a new check. After my office contacted SSA, they released the money owed to Mr. G, allowing him to recoup the $947.00.

Oralia Nunez of Phoenix was murdered and her parents were denied humanitarian parole to enter the United States and retrieve her remains. After my office intervened, the Port of Entry reviewed the request and granted humanitarian parole to the grieving parents.

Bill de La Rosa contacted my office after his mother was denied humanitarian parole to visit his ailing father in Tucson. After submitting a letter to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and reaching out to the local Office of Field Operations, the request was reconsidered and Mrs. De La Rosa was granted humanitarian parole for 30-day entry into the United States.

Custodio Macias was 97 years old and had lived in the United States for 36 years and had recently applied for naturalization. At the request of my office, USCIS expedited his application and agreed to hold the interview and the oath ceremony in his home.