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FY 2024 Community Project Funding

Rep. Grijalva announces the opening of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Community Project Funding Portal for Arizona’s 7th Congressional District.

To meet urgent needs of communities across the United States, the House Appropriations Committee has invited Members of Congress to request funding for projects in their communities. These requests are subject to strict transparency and accountability rules

Under guidelines issued by the House Appropriations Committee, each Representative may request funding for up to 15 projects in their community for FY2024 – although only a handful may be funded. A submission is not a guarantee of funding.

To ensure projects are a good use of taxpayer funds, the House Appropriations Committee has established a number of requirements. Projects must be “shovel ready” and meet any applicable federal matching requirements. Interested parties should carefully read through applicable account criteria in the links below.  Selected projects must be prepared to demonstrate evidence of community support for their project by collecting letters of support, press articles, and other supporting documentation in a timely manner.   

The deadline for submissions to Rep. Grijalva’s office is Sunday, March 12th by 11:59 PM.

Available Community Project Funding Accounts: