Inauguration Requests

Thank you for contacting me about your interest in attending the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies. It is my privilege to assist with this historic opportunity. Congressional courtesy dictates that Representatives be given the opportunity to assist their own constituents. If you are not a resident of Arizona Congressional District 3, I encourage you to contact your Representative in Congress by clicking the following link to the Find your Representative Service.

In consultation with diversified public health and medical experts, The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) issued the difficult decision to limit the attendance at the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies to a live audience that resembles a State of the Union. No ticket allotments will be issued to Congressional offices to distribute to constituents for the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies.

Alternatively, following the ceremonies, a limited amount of commemorative tickets will be allotted to Congressional offices for constituents. Commemorative tickets will be distributed to constituents on a lottery basis. Only ONE commemorative ticket will be issued per request and/or household. There are no guarantees commemorative tickets will be awarded. My office will do its best to fulfill each request.

Please submit the following information for commemorative tickets. Only ONE FORM per group will be accepted.

I also invite you to visit The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) website where you can find further information and updates concerning the inaugural platform:

Your Information