The Bernie-Hillary Debate Is Destroying the Democratic Party

July 7, 2017

Since the Donald Trump Administration took office, an ocean of ink has been spilled scrutinizing Democrats’ minority status in Washington, rehashing the presidential race from every angle, second-guessing recent House special election losses — especially the recent race in Georgia — and generally wondering how the party can get back on track.

It’s largely thanks to this outpouring that Americans are now familiar with the supposedly tidy division between Bernie Sanders–style progressives and Hillary Clinton–style pragmatists, vying for what is sometimes called “the soul of the party.” This ongoing conversation has drawn in Democrats in elected office at every level, myself included.

It’s often struck me that one big thing is missing from this conversation. All the think pieces, agonized columns and point-counterpoint skirmishes, which we’ve seen more of in the last six months than we did during President Obama’s eight years in office, have largely addressed a question whose answer is already known.

As Democrats, the secret to reviving our fortunes turns out not to be a secret at all: The American people want us, and anyone else who hopes to earn their vote, to talk about economic fairness, which they still feel is in short supply. They want us to lay out a plan for making sure they share in the profits they help create. They want to hear that from top to bottom, Democrats will close corporate tax loopholes and make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

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