Pardoning Arpaio Would Deliver a Sharp Blow to the Justice System

August 24, 2017

I represent many of the Americans Arpaio illegally targeted for decades with his immigration “crackdowns,” and feel the urgent need to point out that he is unqualified to receive clemency of any kind. Granting it would buy Trump a few positive headlines in friendly media outlets at the high cost of another long-term stain on the presidency, Trump’s own reputation and our status as a nation ruled by laws rather than men.

There is no question of Arpaio’s guilt in the case Trump is now considering, which centers on Arpaio’s failure to comply with a federal judge’s order to cease policing practices that racially-profiled Maricopa County’s Latino and immigrant populations. Before he lost re-election in 2016, he spent years openly spitting on such orders – a tactic that won him legions of enthusiastic fans and brought Republican candidates for high office (including Trump) to seek his endorsement.

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