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FY 2025 Community Project Funding

Rep. Grijalva’s office is awaiting official guidance and deadlines from the House Appropriations Committee to release further information on requirements for constituents to submit a Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) Community Project Funding (CPF) proposal.  We expect information to be released in the coming weeks. After receiving this information, we will announce the opening of a portal on our website to accept applications, along with the deadlines.

Steps to take for an application:

  1. Once posted, thoroughly review the information provided on our portal to see if your project meets eligibility. In previous years projects have been restricted to only a few federal accounts and projects must meet all requirements to be considered. Some accounts require matching funds, which will be indicated in the links to information provided on our website.
  1. If you have determined you meet all criteria (including being able to meet any applicable funding matches), you may continue to fill out the short application which requires a description, budget details, and pertinent account questions.
  1. This year we are requiring that all applicants submit two letters of community support with their initial application.  
  1. IF your project is selected as a final project, you will then be required to make a full packet to demonstrate community support for your project. You will also be required to work with our office expeditiously through the further application process.

Please note that this information pertains to FY25. An application does not guarantee funds.