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District 7 is the second largest Congressional district in Arizona. Out of the 435 Congressional districts, it is the 26th largest in land area, covering 22,872 square miles. 

This is a land area larger than seven individual states, and larger than Rhode Island, Delaware, Hawai’i, Connecticut and New Jersey combined. The southern boundary of District 3 coincides with 300 miles of the U.S./Mexico border. Only Texas’ 23rd district has a longer stretch of the southern border.The urban center of District 3 contains the central, south and west sides of the city of Tucson. The population within the district is predominantly working-class families, from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. The majority of Tucson’s Hispanic, African American and urban Native American residents live in the 3rd congressional district.

The district extends south to the Mexican border, encompassing Nogales, and west to the Arizona/California border to include Somerton, San Luis and parts of Yuma County. 

The district is also home to four sovereign nations: the Cocopah, Pascua Yaqui, Quechan, and Tohono O’odham.