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What Happens During A Government Shutdown?

Last updated: 9/28/2023

What is a government shutdown?  

  • Each year Congress appropriates funds for federal agencies to operate in each fiscal year. In the absence of either a signed appropriations or a Continuing Resolution, federal agencies must stop all non-essential functions until funding is approved by Congress and signed into law. 

Why are we in a government shutdown? 

  • House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy made a deal with the President on the budget after holding the country hostage on the debt ceiling. Now the House Republicans are backing away from their own deal and trying to implement their anti-LGBT, anti-reproductive health, anti-immigrant and anti-American investment agenda, causing the government shutdown.  

    House Democrats are ready to come together with our colleagues — including Senate Democrats and Republicans who passed bipartisan budget bills — to end the government shutdown and pass a clean budget without poison pills attached.

What does this mean for my office? 

  • My offices remain open and available to assist you. Please be advised that due to the government shutdown communication between my office and federal agencies will be delayed due to furloughs.

***While my offices will remain available to assist, responses from most agencies will be delayed until the federal government reopens***

Information To Know About The Federal Government Shutdown

FAQ on what services will be affected during the federal government shutdown, click HERE.

To view a full list of guidance for all federal agencies during a government shutdown, click HERE.

A full list of potential impacts of a House Republican shutdown on Arizonans can be found HERE.

Local Resources Available

Sample Letters to Creditors

Food Banks

Locate your nearest food bank HERE

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact my offices:

Washington, D.C.

Phone: 202-225-2435


Tucson: 520-622-6788

Somerton: 928-343-7933

Tolleson: 623-536-3388


Last updated: 9/28/2023