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Raúl Grijalva

Solving big problems requires big solutions. As a representative from Southern Arizona, I will keep fighting for policies that help Arizona families thrive,  support a humane immigration system that works for everyone, and prioritize strong environmental protections to combat the climate crisis and safeguard our planet for future generations to come.
I am here to serve you!

Raúl Grijalva

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! May this time with your family and friends be filled with blessings, thanks, and laughter.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for immigrants who are the backbone of our economy and our farmworkers who work tirelessly to feed us. We will keep fighting to provide a pathway to citizenship so next Thanksgiving we ensure that #HomeIsHere.

Interested in public service and learning about how our government works? Apply for an internship in my Washington, D.C. office for Spring 2022 by November 29!

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Voting Record
11/19 386 H.R.5376 Yea
11/19 385 H.R.5376 Yea
11/19 384 H.R.5376 Nay
11/18 383 H.RES.803 Yea
11/18 382 H.RES.803 Yea