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Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice system is fundamentally broken and heavily reliant on punitive measures instead of rehabilitation. From incarceration rates to the likelihood of falling victim to police brutality, communities of color have borne the disproportionate impacts of this dysfunctional system. Our criminal justice system should be humane, rehabilitative, and free from perverse profit incentives from for-profit entities that incentivize incarceration.  

More on Criminal Justice

March 10th, 2022
Reps. Grijalva, Jayapal and Crow Lead Over 100 Members in Urging Biden Administration to End the Use of For-Profit Immigration Detention Centers
February 17th, 2022
Rep. Grijalva Leads AZ U.S. House Congressional Democratic Delegation Calling on DHS to Investigate La Palma Correctional Center​’s Violations of Detention Standards
February 10th, 2022
Rep. Grijalva Calls Out Governor Ducey’s Bloated Arizona Prison Budget and Lack of Oversight