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March 26th, 2009
Arizona to Receive $28 Million for Airports Under Economic Recovery Act

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva announces that the State of Arizona will receive over $28 million for Arizona airports by way of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan (ARRA).

“These critical funds create jobs and help with the necessary investment and economic vitality of our airports,” said Grijalva. “This Congress and Administration continue to ensure that economic recovery funding is made available for transportation infrastructure projects and that project spending is monitored and transparent.”

Under the Recovery Act, the FAA received $1.1 billion for qualified airports on a discretionary basis. That funding will be allocated based on a project priority system that addresses airport safety and security, infrastructure, runway safety, increased capacity, and mitigation of environmental impacts. The FAA is moving swiftly to work with airport sponsors to ensure that eligible projects have completed, or nearly completed, design and planning requirements.

The following Arizona airports in Congressional District 7 will receive ARRA funding:

•Tucson International Airport will receive $1.85 million for installing new security equipment.

•Avi Suquilla Airport in Parker, Arizona will receive $1.8 million to rehabilitate two taxiways.

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