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March 16th, 2017
Grijalva, ACLU Join Forces to Ensure Immigrant Communities Know Their Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) today held an in-depth Facebook Live conversation with Andre Segura, ACLU Senior Staff Attorney, on immigrant rights, and how immigrant communities can protect themselves from the increasingly aggressive Trump administration enforcement strategy.

The full conversation is available here or by clicking the image above.

Grijalva asked his Facebook and Twitter followers to send in their questions about the immigration policies being implemented under President Trump.

Among the questions he received that were addressed on the broadcast are:

  • Which law enforcement officers are allowed to ask a person’s immigration status, and where?
  • If undocumented immigrant parents wish to protect their US-born children and keep them safe in the US with a guardian in the event that they are deported, what steps should they take in advance and what kind of lawyer is the best to help them (family vs. immigration)?
  • What are sensitive locations?
  • What rights are undocumented immigrants entitled to if they are stopped by ICE?
  • What if those who are detained do not have access to a lawyer?

The full broadcast will remain on Rep. Grijalva’s Facebook.

Key points from the conversation include:

All humans deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and given due process under the law. The United States affords all individuals certain rights, regardless of their immigration status.

Do Not Open Doors

  • If an immigration agent(s) comes to your door with the intention of presenting a warrant, you can ask the agent(s) to pass the warrant under the door.
  • If the agent(s) enters the house without a valid warrant, ask for their name(s) and badge number(s).

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

  • You have the right to refuse to answer questions. ICE can use anything you say against you in your immigration case.
  • If you say anything to an ICE agent, tell them that you want to speak with a lawyer. 

Speak to a Lawyer Before Signing any Documents

  • Before signing anything, particularly an Order of Voluntary Departure, make sure to speak with a lawyer. You have the right to understand what you are signing.

Report Any Mistreatment

  • If you have been mistreated, you have the right to file a complaint.
  • Make sure to take down important information such as the number of agents, names of agents, badge numbers, locations and so forth. 

Key Points

  • You do not have to reveal your immigration status to law enforcement, schools, or any other person or organization who asks for it.
  • Always tell the truth and never lie or provide false information to an immigration agent.
  • Do not carry a false identification.
  • Always be polite and stay calm. 

*The above information should not be in any way considered legal advice. For information and advice about specific cases, please consult with an immigration attorney.



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