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February 24th, 2010
Grijalva Co-Sponsors Bill to Repair and Renovate Veterans’ Halls Nationwide, Highlights Budget-Neutral Design

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today announced his strong support for the newly announced REVAMP Act, which provides funding to upgrade and restore veterans’ halls and facilities around the country. Grijalva is an original co-sponsor of the bipartisan bill alongside author Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) and 14 other House members.

“These halls are not just a place for veterans to meet,” Grijalva said in announcing his support. “They are a central part of community life in many cities and towns across America. Allowing them to fall into disrepair, either from neglect or because of local economic constraints, would be a sign of disrespect to our veterans and a sad comment on the decline of community spirit.”

The bill creates a competitive grant program that authorizes up to $200,000 for local non-profit veterans groups to repair and improve their existing facilities. Because it would use existing funds through the Community Development Block Grant program, the REVAMP Act is deficit neutral. Any local post or chapter receiving funding would not eligible for another award for five years, ensuring that a large variety of groups are given awards. The legislation has been endorsed by Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.

“Anyone who doubts the value of this assistance should spend an afternoon at their local hall,” Grijalva said. “These are still vital centers of local activity. Maintaining these centers will prove to be one of the best investments we can make in rebuilding our economy and our national spirit.”

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