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September 28th, 2010
Grijalva Congratulates Arizona on Dept. of Health and Human Services Public Health Grant – Funding Comes From Affordable Care Act

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva today congratulated the Arizona Department of Health Services on a newly announced $289,586 grant from the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The grant is part of funding allocated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – the official title of this year’s health care reform law – designated to improve public health infrastructure.

Awarded as part of $42.5 million from the Prevention and Public Health Fund created by PPACA, the grant comes from a program called “Public Health Infrastructure for Improved Health Outcomes.” The program is designed to help health departments improve management and operating practices and increase efficiency.

Possible funding uses include:  

§  Internal health department evaluations of the effectiveness of their practices and use of resources.

§  Training of public health staff and community leaders to improve health quality and efficiency.

§  Building a national network of performance improvement managers that share best practices for improving the public health system.

“Providing health departments with the funding they need to modernize their organizational structures is one of the Affordable Care Act’s signature achievements,” Grijalva said. “The more effectively and efficiently the Arizona Department of Health Services, and other state agencies nationwide, are able to offer public health services, the healthier we all are and the more money we save in the long run. I salute the state’s efforts to secure this critical funding and am glad to see Arizona take advantage of the improvements made possible by the Affordable Care Act.”

For more information, contact the Arizona Department of Health Services at (602) 542-1025.

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