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August 3rd, 2010
Grijalva Hails Announcement of More Than $15.6 Million for Southern Arizona VA to Fund Urgent Care, Other Health Improvements

Washington, D.C.– The Southern Arizona VA Health Care System has received just over $15.6 million from Fiscal Year 2010 Congressional appropriations to expand a variety of mental health and other services for Southern Arizona veterans.

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, who helped the University of Arizona receive a $500,000 funding stream to continue and enhance its ongoing project to assist injured and disabled veterans seeking higher educational opportunities, hailed the announcement of the new funding and encouraged local veterans to make good use of the enhanced services.

“We put our veterans in harm’s way, and assisting them when they return home is a matter of integrity,” Grijalva said. “Making sure they have the medical and mental health facilities they need to live healthy, productive lives in civilian society is crucial. If we hope to maintain morale, keep families together, and continue the American tradition of an all-volunteer force, our soldiers must have confidence that their neighbors will protect and support them on the home front.”

The funding breaks down as follows:

– Mental Health Expansion – Total costs $7,465,000 (FY10 funding $750k)

– Supply Processing and Distribution (SPD) Expansion and Dental Relocation – Total costs $8,275,000 (FY10 funding $831,000)

– Clinical Lab Expansion – Total costs $5,830,000 (FY10 funding $5,245,000)

– Special Procedure Unit and ED/Urgent Care – Total costs $9,780,000 (FY10 funding $8,800,000)

“Just ask a veteran what this money means, and you’ll hear why we need to make sure this support keeps coming in future years,” Grijalva said. “The people of Southern Arizona value veterans’ health and wellness, and Congress must continue to do the same.”

For more information, contact the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System at (520) 792-1450.

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