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February 17th, 2012
Grijalva Invites Nominations for White House “Cesar Chavez Champions of Change” – Winners Recognized at White House Ceremony

Washington, D.C. – The White House Champions of Change program highlights the stories and examples of people across the country that represent an America built to last. The administration is currently taking nominations for people who deserve recognition as a “Cesar Chavez Champion of Change,” which will go to people who demonstrate:

  • Service to Others and Sacrifice – Service that is predicated on empowering others; sacrifice that is spiritual and courageous.
  • A Preference to Help the Most Needy and Celebrating Community – A concerted effort to support programs that reach the most needy; respectful expression of cultural diversity through the reinforcement of the values of equity and responsibility to and for one another.
  • Determination and Acceptance of all People – An attitude that with faith, steadfast commitment, patience, and optimism human beings can prevail against all odds; an absolutely indispensable necessity to the well-being of this country.
  • Non-Violence and Respect for Life and the Environment – Invoking non-violence as the most powerful tool for achieving social/economic justice and equality; respect that holds as sacred the land, the people and all other forms of life.
  • Knowledge and Innovation – Overcoming ignorance through education; a creative capacity to find pragmatic strategies and tactics to resolve problems and situations that often seem insurmountable to others.

Anyone wishing to submit a nomination for a friend, family member or loved one can do so at Selected nominees will be recognized at a White House ceremony. Nominations are due by midnight on Friday, Feb. 24.

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