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December 5th, 2017
Grijalva Reacts to Being Appointed to Tax Conference Committee

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Grijalva released the following statement after being named to serve on a conference committee that will attempt to combine the House and Senate versions of the GOP’s tax scam. Rep. Grijalva joins four other House Democrats appointed by Leader Pelosi to serve on this committee.

“These bills are a national disgrace,” said Rep. Grijalva. “I’m pleased to bring a much-needed voice of reason to this conference. The House and Senate versions of this tax scam each represent a massive redistribution of wealth from working Americans and those in need to the richest one percent who have already benefited from a rigged system. I will spend every minute of this process fighting Republican attempts to help their wealthy donors loot the country, wipe out funding that invests in America’s future generations.

Republicans’ move to use a tax bill to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling is not because it’s good policy, but because their destructive ideology demands it. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge – which cannot be undone once it starts – is a dirty favor to the oil and gas industry and does nothing to offset the costs of this monstrous theft of taxpayer dollars. This language was only included to bribe certain Republicans to vote for a multi-trillion-dollar public money grab and the American people will never forget it.

Massive tax giveaways for the super-rich and huge corporations will only result in cuts to Social Security, Medicare, education and disaster relief. They will make it impossible to invest in our society’s future. Their bills will be an economic disaster of historical proportions and they must be stopped. If Republicans are sincere about helping the middle class we should be considering legislation on policies like raising wages, providing paid leave and offering debt-free college.” 


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