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September 6th, 2014
Grijalva Slams Delay for Executive Action on Immigration Reform

TUCSON, AZ – Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) released the following statement responding to President Obama’s decision to delay executive action addressing our broken immigration system until after the November elections:

“Today, President Obama placed political calculations over the hopes and needs of immigrant communities. He reneged on his own commitment in June to do what is right, and instead chose what is expedient, betraying the trust of some of the most vulnerable among us.

“When the president pledged to act, he raised expectations among those struggling in our broken immigration system – he led them to believe that despite Republican intransigence, executive action was imminent, and their suffering would soon be addressed. In a word, he gave them hope.

“His actions also led many in Congress to act under the assumption that he would keep his word. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, and many others, provided recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security on actions that could be taken. Promises were made to activists who have fought as hard as anyone to see this issue solved.

“Now everyone is left wondering why those hopes were set aside so callously in a political calculation. The outcome of these senate races will not change the political landscape for immigration reform – whether won or lost, the president will still have to act alone to get this done.

“The president’s actions leave those who looked to him for hope feeling alone, ignored and used. They are being asked to wait again when there are no patience left. Every day that goes by, more families are splintered and more kids are forced to grow up apart from their parents. No senate seat is worth that. None. So if executive action needs to wait for a political calculation, then deportations should too. It is the very least that the president can do.”

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