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February 24th, 2014
Grijalva Statement on Arizona’s SB 1062: “Arizonans Didn’t Ask for This, and We’re Tired of Being a Petri Dish for Extremism”

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva released the following statement today on Arizona’s unpopular SB 1062 bill, which would legalize discrimination by anyone claiming a religious basis for their actions:

“The far right of the conservative movement has been using our state as a petri dish for their anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-women, anti-education, anti-gun safety, anti-gay agenda for years now, and it needs to stop. Arizonans did not ask for this bill or any other form of state-sanctioned discrimination. It doesn’t help our economy, create any jobs, attract any talented people to our state or provide a more welcome environment for visitors. Our unemployment rate is too high. Our schools need more funding. What this has to do with the real-world concerns of average Arizonans is beyond me.”

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