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August 24th, 2021
Rep. Grijalva: Budget Reconciliation is the Only Path Forward

TUCSON— Today, Rep. Grijalva released the following statement after voting in support of S.Con.Res. 14.

“Today’s vote will allow us to finally move forward on delivering long-term life changing benefits for millions of families and communities across our nation,” said Rep. Grijalva. “The scale of this moment impels us to act with boldness and urgency. The budget reconciliation is the only path forward to address many of the inequities and challenges we have faced even prior to COVID.”   

“The Build Back Better Plan centers the needs of working families and communities across the nation by lowering costs for Americans, making the tax system fairer for families and small businesses, supporting immigrants, and tackling climate change. It ensures children, the elderly, and the most vulnerable among us are provided with opportunities to have a shot at a good future,” continued Grijalva. “For too long as a nation we have allowed working and middle class families to suffer while the wealth and opportunities are set aside for the rich. People are working harder for less. It is time for Congress to rise to the moment and meet the most basic needs of our struggling constituents. This reconciliation package is about ensuring the long-term prosperity and competitiveness of our nation by investing in the health and well-being of our human capital, and our environment.  I am happy to support this process and will work to ensure the provisions in the final package address the needs of Arizonans.” 

“Immigrants have always been an integral part of our communities and to the economic well-being of our country. It is past time to provide them a pathway to citizenship. Even amidst a pandemic, immigrants continued to provide essential services as frontline workers and have proven vital to our economic recovery. Finally providing a pathway to citizenship for millions of Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers and essential workers is the right and necessary thing to do and is overwhelmingly supported by the American public” continued Grijalva.  

“And as we reflect and struggle with the devastation of the pandemic, this budget process will allow us to take a step forward to help slow another impending calamity for our country. Climate change is accelerating and creating more conservation needs than we’ve ever faced, with under-resourced communities and communities of color facing the brunt of the damage. Addressing climate change is not only morally imperative but economically sound. The Interior Department is a key partner in this effort and therefore must have enough funding and resources to enact critical mitigation and conservation goals. I support investments in electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies that will guide us to a cleaner future but cannot stress enough the reality that millions of Americans are currently facing drought, wildfire, extreme heat, erosion and habitat destruction today.  As Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, I will continue to advocate for an increase in the topline number on these programs. Our constituents deserve no less” said Grijalva. 

The outline of the Build Back Better Plan:  

Lowers Costs for Americans 

Cut costs for child care, the price of medicine, home care, and the cost of college. For the first time, seniors will be able to get the hearing aids, glasses and dental care they need through Medicare. And families will have paid leave when they need it. It also ensures families have access to safe, affordable housing.  

Cuts Taxes for American Families 

Democrats have already made sure 40 million American families received a tax cut through the expanded Child Tax Credit and   have prevented millions of children from falling into poverty. Now, the Build Back Plan doubles down on those investments, extending the expanded Child Tax Credit for several more years, thereby delivering one of the largest tax cuts for American families ever. 

Supports Immigrant Communities  

In some estimates, including a pathway to citizenship could advance our economic recovery from the pandemic, reduce our   national deficit, raise wages, add a cumulative $1.5 trillion to U.S. GDP over a decade, and create more than 400,000 new jobs.  

Expands Research and Development and Addresses Climate Change   

Reinvigorates U.S. manufacturing and invests in science and technology. Creates incentives for the production and purchase of electric vehicles and manufacturing supply chains for a broad range of clean energy products and technologies. It addresses the climate crisis head-on through critical policies and incentives that will reduce U.S. carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030.  


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