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April 1st, 2022
Rep. Grijalva Calls for Biden Administration to Implement Comprehensive Border and Immigration Plan

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-03) issued a statement following the news that the Biden administration would end Title 42 on May 23:

“The recent order to lift Title 42 on May 23 is long overdue and a necessary step for the Biden administration to undo the remnants of the Trump Administration. Our nation has the ability to manage the border and safeguard the lives of children, families and adults seeking refuge. The Biden administration must use this transition period to continue to address the longstanding backlog in the courts and the implementation of a comprehensive immigration plan that addresses not only enforcement, but rebuilds an asylum seeking system that is just and humane.

I urge the Biden administration to coordinate with Congress to legislate meaningful immigration reform and additional funding for resources and personnel for migrant processing and aid for local organizations and localities on the ground. We must provide humanitarian support to those arriving at the border and ensure asylum seekers understand the next steps in the process and how to find support in their communities. There must be concerted efforts to deal with the root causes of migration, including addressing climate change, corruption, violence and poverty, and establish​ing in-country processing programs for those seeking asylum in their home countries to humanely deter the dangerous trek to our border.

As border policies are implemented, we must prevent the further militarization and politicization of southern border communities which have caused damage to the people and businesses in the borderlands. I look forward to working with the Biden administration to restore an orderly, welcoming and just asylum system and preserving the uniqueness of the border region.”


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