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February 23rd, 2022
Rep. Grijalva Condemns Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine: Urges Diplomacy

TUCSON, Ariz. – Today, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-03) issued a statement on the unfolding crisis in Ukraine:

“Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine is unraveling a global security crisis. I urge President Biden, Russia, ​Ukraine, and our NATO allies to pursue all diplomatic efforts to end this ​conflict without further bloodshed.  I support the Biden administration’s efforts to work with presidents and defense ministers in the European Union and Baltic region as regional leadership will be key to ending this conflict. Russia must pull its troops out of Ukraine, including its so-called peacekeeping forces, stop the authoritarian power grab, and engage in good faith negotiations. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not a sign of global power, but of fear and its waning influence in the world. The Ukrainian people protested, fought, and threw out a Russian-backed government in favor of a ​government rooted in democracy. As a sovereign nation, the people of Ukraine have the right to self-determination and self-governance. Russia’s latest actions to recognize “independent states” in Ukraine are without merit and in violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and international law. Russia must return to the negotiating table and compromise on its unrealistic and untenable set of demands that leave no room for Ukraine to dictate its own path.  

This attack on Ukraine impose​s unnecessary human suffering and increases political, economic, and social instability in the region. I strongly oppose any new U.S. troop deployments to NATO countries, indiscriminate sanctions that disproportionately harm civilians and sending additional weaponry that only raises tensions and increases​ the chance of miscalculation. The U.S. must continue to pursue targeted economic sanctions on Vladmir Putin, Russian oligarchs and ​the Russian military industrial complex to deter war. I urge President Biden to pass critical climate and renewable energy legislation to wean our dependency on autocratic regimes for fossil fuels and cooperate with our partners and allies to pursue green energy to further strengthen our national security.  Supporting strategic diplomatic negotiations is the only path forward that will not cause further humanitarian disaster.”

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