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February 12th, 2018
Rep. Grijalva Decries Trump’s Budget and Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON, DC— Today, in response to the release of President Trump’s infrastructure plan and budget, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva issued the following statement:

“The latest recommendations from the White House merely show what we already know: the White House lacks any interest in seriously investing in the well-being of American families and workers. Trump’s hollow promise of ‘making America great again’ seems not to apply to anyone other than his wealthy friends.

“Trump’s disastrous budget cuts would decimate programs that benefit American families. The proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, nutrition, and anti-poverty programs alone would devastate millions who rely on them to meet their daily needs. Education cuts would eliminate important teacher training programs and after-school program funding for needy children. In addition to requesting non-military funding that would be $57 billion less than the budget deal that just passed, Trump is also leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for his divisive border wall that Mexico would ‘supposedly’ pay for.

“Trump touts his plan as a $1.5 trillion investment in America, yet the only ones who benefit are Trump’s wealthy friends. Environmental and labor protections are waived, jobs for America’s workers are an afterthought, and there is no committed revenue stream to fund the proposal. Instead of investing public money into dynamic infrastructure projects that benefit the public good across the United States, Trump’s plan will incentivize projects in populated, wealthy areas while neglecting much-needed improvements in rural America.

“Trump’s infrastructure plan and budget are all smoke and mirrors and emblematic of what he does best: conning the American people. The American people need an infrastructure plan and a budget that will revitalize America’s cities and towns, expand employment opportunities, grow wages, and invest in important programs that help families succeed. These latest White House proposals accomplish the opposite, and are a slap in the face to Americans across the country.”


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