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September 26th, 2023
Rep. Grijalva: House Republicans Distracting from Inability to Govern 

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07) issued the following statement: 

“Extremists in the House Republican majority have made a suicide pact careening us closer to a government shutdown. Instead of passing a clean spending bill to keep the government open, they’ve decided to tie funding the government to passing failed immigration policies that target migrants and militarize border communities. This makes it clear that the blame for any shutdown will fall squarely on the shoulders of Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans who, instead of governing, are willing to shutter the federal government to impose a partisan political agenda.”

“Tomorrow, instead of addressing the looming government shutdown, the Republicans on the House Natural Resource Committee will hold a hearing on the ongoing humanitarian situation in New York. It’s a distraction that will do nothing to alleviate the pressures faced by local communities and their need for additional resources to deal with this emergency. Our communities deserve solutions to the global migration crisis instead of a hearing that scapegoats migrants fleeing violence and persecution, stirs up fearmongering rhetoric along our border and distracts from House Republicans’ failure to govern.” 

“While the Senate has done its job, advancing their spending bills with overwhelming bipartisan votes, Republicans in the House are still fighting among each other. And it’s not just limited to immigration. The same extreme group of House Republicans pushing their nativist agenda is also attempting to insert into must-pass funding bills cruel and unworkable ideas such as restricting abortion access and slashing funding for food assistance for families and children.” 

“House Republicans’ hypocrisy and inability to govern is on full display. As we move forward, I will do everything in my power to pass clean funding legislation that will ensure Arizonans receive essential services, keep money in their pockets and seek common sense solutions.” 

Rep. Grijalva is a cosponsor of H.R. 5353, the End Shutdowns Act, that automatically enacts a continuing resolution at the end of the fiscal year to prevent a government shutdown if no appropriations measure is passed and prohibits the House from considering any other non-emergency legislation until a bill is passed to keep the government open. 

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