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March 1st, 2022
Rep. Grijalva Invites Cassandra Becerra as Virtual Guest to President Biden’s State of the Union Address to Congress

TUCSON, Ariz. Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-03) is uplifting single, working mother of three, former undocumented immigrant and Grijalva staffer Cassandra Becerra as his Hometown Hero virtual guest to President Biden’s State of the Union Address to Congress on Tuesday.

The State of the Union Address will highlight the achievements and work still to be done under the leadership of President Biden. While safety protocols mean this year’s in-person attendance will be limited, Grijalva said inviting Cassandra as his virtual guest is an important way to honor the people of Tucson and uplift their stories.

“Our country has made tremendous strides this past year thanks to the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure Law. For this year’s State of the Union Address, I wanted to highlight one of the millions of hardworking Americans whose perseverance in the face of the challenges presented by the pandemic fueled our nation’s historic recovery. People like my guest, Cassandra, are the true heroes behind America’s progress over the past year, and I am proud to uplift her as my virtual guest to the State of the Union Address,” said Rep. Grijalva. “She has been on the frontlines and is one of the many government employees dedicated to continuing their vital work for people of Tucson and the 3rd District of Arizona to overcome the many challenges we faced. Her story reflects the reality of many immigrants in our country who come to the U.S., make a life here, contribute to our society, and have sought to be naturalized. Cassandra’s unyielding passion for helping others represents the determination of many in our community. She is a hero of mine and I’m honored to not only work with her, but to call her my friend and family.”

“This nation was founded on immigrants. As an immigrant, I arrived as a young girl seeking a better life than the one I had in my birth country. Never would I imagine having to get through a pandemic while being a single mom and working for a United States Member of Congress. Never did I imagine that one day this country, that has given me so much, would need my help in return. Years from now when I am in my rocking chair, old and gray, I will still remember when our nation was taken over by a virus and I will always remember when President Biden, with the help of Congress, helped America build back better. Thank you to our teachers, our health care workers, our farmworkers, our grocery store workers for helping us get through this. Thank you to our office staff, including Congressman Grijalva, because we all stepped up and have had a small role in such a monumental turn for our nation,” said Cassandra Becerra, who plans to watch the speech at home in Tucson.

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