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March 1st, 2018
Rep. Grijalva: Paid Henchmen Have No Place in VA

TUCSON, AZ—Today, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva issued the following statement in response to reports that President Trump’s political appointees with Koch brother connections are undermining the role of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin:

“Attempts by President Trump’s henchmen to privatize the health care of millions of veterans in order to line their own pockets is an egregious slap in the face to the millions of servicemen and women who have defended our country. The infiltration of the VA by outside actors affiliated with the Koch brothers network shows that even our veterans’ health care is not sacred from their immoral quest to buy our democracy. Caught in the middle of this drama is the health and well-being of our veterans.

“President Trump is playing politics with the lives of veterans by appointing individuals whose very goal is to undermine the mission of the VA. Instead of looking at ways to make a quick buck through privatization and please wealthy donors, which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of veterans, Trump and his appointees at the VA should focus on making quality care more accessible to the millions who rely upon the VA health system.”

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