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February 18th, 2021
Rep. Grijalva Sends Letter to President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas, Urging More Humanitarian Funds for Cities and Nonprofits Serving Asylum-Seeking Families

TUCSON— Today, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas urging them to designate supplemental federal funds that can be accessed by cities, counties, and non-governmental organizations who assist asylum-seeking families.

“Throughout the years in my congressional district, non-governmental organizations, counties, and cities have been at the forefront of assisting these families after they’re released from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) custody,” wrote Rep. Grijalva. “With limited support from the federal government, they are helping them navigate a difficult and complex asylum process as they pursue their asylum claim through immigration court proceedings. As we continue to address this ongoing humanitarian crisis, I ask that you designate supplemental federal funds that can immediately be accessed by non-governmental organizations, counties, and cities that are assisting asylum seeking families at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

In similar situations in the past, FEMA has released a memorandum to state agencies outlining guidance for use of Homeland Security Grant Program funds for humanitarian relief to unaccompanied children and families presenting themselves at the Southern border seeking asylum.

“As these organizations, cities, and counties continue to support asylum seekers and families, time is of the essence,” continued Rep. Grijalva. “Furthermore, any additional funds allocated to provide humanitarian relief, should only be used to support these efforts. I hope that you recognize the urgency and reply to this letter as soon as possible.”

Click here to read the letter.


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