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May 11th, 2023
Rep. Grijalva Statement on Lifting of Title 42

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Representative Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07) issued a statement on the lifting of Title 42:

“Enactment of Title 42 under the Public Health Service Act by the Trump administration has always been a nativist effort to stop the entry of migrants fleeing persecution and violence from their legal right to asylum under U.S. law and international obligations. Title 42 is not a lawful border policy.”

“While the Biden administration has given its best effort to prepare for the lifting of Title 42, it’s clear they’ve fallen short. In speaking with Arizona officials and local communities along the border, it’s evident that coordination from the federal government is lacking. While border communities have been assisting with the humanitarian needs, they desperately need additional resources to manage the lifting of Title 42. The latest troop deployments by President Biden and militarization are not the answer.”

“As Title 42 is lifted, it’s critical that the Biden administration lead a centralized response in coordination with State and local governments and should immediately assign additional dedicated personnel to process people seeking protection at ports of entry. Congress must act now to surge funding for resources and personnel for administrative and humanitarian needs. Local organizations and localities cannot bear the brunt of cost and wait for reimbursement. We must provide humanitarian support to those helping individuals arriving at the border and ensure asylum seekers understand the next steps in the process and how to find support in their communities.”

“In the meantime, the Biden administration must use its authorities and take action to create additional legal immigration pathways, expand efforts like regional processing centers and work with hemispheric partners to address the root causes of migration.”

“Let’s be clear: while the Biden administration has fallen short, it’s because of the broken immigration system that Congress has failed to fix. The current solutions proposed by House Republicans for our immigration system are partisan and create further chaos at our border. A comprehensive legislative solution is badly needed and that’s why House Democrats are prepared to pass legislation that is permanent and meaningful, restores dignity to our immigration system, strengthens our labor market, provides critical resources to our southern border and addresses the root causes of migration.”

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