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July 2nd, 2019
Rep. Grijalva Statement on Trump Administration’s Repeal of Gainful Employment Rule

TUCSON— Recently, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos repealed the Gainful Employment Rule, which requires many for-profit colleges and certification programs that receive federal funds to prove that their programs produced graduates who could find jobs after graduation. In response, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva issued the following statement:

“The Gainful Employment Rule saved taxpayer dollars, lowered costs for students, and made college and career programs ensure they prepared their graduates for success. Instead of protecting students from outrageous amounts of debt and bogus degrees, Secretary DeVos declared open season on them in order to help line the pockets of her for-profit friends.

“Make no mistake, for-profit colleges prey on vulnerable students, enrich themselves on billions of taxpayer dollars, and saddle their students with worthless degrees and an inability to pay off their debt. This is a major blow to accountability and student protections, and I will continue fighting in Congress to punish bad actors and ensure that the rights of students are protected.”     


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