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April 20th, 2024
Rep. Grijalva Statements on National Security Supplementals and GOP Border Bill

TUCSON, Ariz. – Today, Representative Raul M. Grijalva released the following statements:

On Ukraine:

“The security and humanitarian aid for Ukraine is long overdue and has been consistently delayed by House Republicans’ intransigence and their caucus of Putin apologists. The need to support Ukraine in their fight for freedom and democracy against Putin’s tyranny is not only the morally right thing to do, but also a strategic defense against Russian’s aim to disrupt global democracies. I remain committed to supporting Ukraine with the aid they need to protect themselves and to recover from the atrocities of this war.”

On Israel:

“While it’s critical that we provide humanitarian aid for Gaza, I am concerned by our unconditional military support for Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing leadership continues to pursue military strategies and tactics that have resulted in the mass casualties of innocent women, children, families, and humanitarian workers in Gaza. President Biden must push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and an end to this war. He must do all he can to stop the Netanyahu regime from dragging our nation into a broader regional conflict. Now is the time for de-escalation.”

On the border security bill:

“It is clear our asylum and immigration systems are broken, but the Republican border bill will only exacerbate the issues along our southern border. The system is broken because Republicans refuse to fix it – they instead push xenophobic, enforcement-only policies that separate families and create chaos. It’s time Republicans stopped blocking real solutions and politicizing immigration and the border communities I represent for gain ahead of the upcoming election. I continue to call for more resources for border communities, additional immigration judges, faster adjudication processes, increased work visas, and an eventual pathway to citizenship. As a nation, we must enact policies that tackle the underlying root issues that cause migration, as they will worsen without action.”

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