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October 29th, 2020
Rep. Grijalva Submits Remarks to the Congressional Record in Honor of Santa Cruz County Sheriff Antonio Estrada

NOGALES, AZIn honor of the retirement of Santa Cruz County Sheriff Antonio Estrada after over 50 years in local law enforcement, Rep. Grijalva submitted remarks to the Congressional Record praising his career in law enforcement as a model in policing practices that build trust in the communities they serve. His remarks read in part:

“His long exemplary career in law enforcement counts mainly accolades; however, as our country currently faces tensions between communities and local law enforcement, his greatest accomplishment could arguably be the longstanding positive relationship maintained between the local law enforcement agency and its community under his leadership. As a Sheriff who made it a point not only to enforce the law with strength, but to also enforce the law with compassion, empathy, integrity, dedication, commitment and passion, it’s understandable why residents identify Marco Antonio Estrada, Sr., as a Sheriff who truly reflects the values of their small border town. Sheriff Estrada publicly defended those values and the people of Santa Cruz County against those who would demean the community.

“Congratulations on a job well done and time well served. He is a hero to his family and community and an example of good policing. There will never be another Sheriff Estrada, Sr., but the bar has been set high for The Office of Santa Cruz County Sheriff.”

Click here to read the full Congressional Record.


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