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February 27th, 2020
Rep. Grijalva Submits Testimony to Transportation & Infrastructure Hearing on Water Resources Development Act, Calls for Funding of Nogales IOI

WASHINGTON—This week, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva submitted testimony to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee urging them to fund critical water infrastructure projects in Arizona. In his comments, he highlighted the need for funding the Nogales international outfall interceptor, extending the Reclamation Water Settlements Fund, and the need to prohibit U.S. Army Corps of Engineer funds from being redirected to the border wall. His comments read in part:

Nogales IOI

“I encourage you to work directly with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to include authorization and full funding to repair the IOI, and to include the Nogales Wastewater Fairness Act within the WRDA reauthorization. This bill is needed to clarify that the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) is responsible for the much-needed infrastructure repairs and future maintenance of the IOI to prevent raw sewage from spilling into waterways. After years of neglecting much-needed repairs, the periodic leaks and overflows of the IOI continue to threaten the public health of my constituents in Nogales and the surrounding areas.”

Reclamation Water Settlements Fund

“Extending the Reclamation Water Settlements Fund has widespread, bipartisan support. A ten-year extension recently passed the Republican-controlled Senate Committee of jurisdiction without opposition and an extension of the fund is supported by every major western water stakeholder group, including agricultural water users, urban and municipal water users, Republican and Democratic governors, environmental and conservation organizations, and tribal stakeholders. Your assistance in moving this broadly supported water infrastructure priority would be greatly appreciated.”

Border Wall Funding Prohibitions

“I appreciate your efforts to stop the administration’s attempt to redirect USACE funds toward a wasteful and ineffective border wall. I respectfully request that you include language in WRDA to ensure that USACE funds go toward funding the backlog of USACE projects that actually meet the real needs of the American people and not toward the administration’s destructive border wall.”

Read Rep. Grijalva’s full statement here.


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