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December 29th, 2020
Rep. Grijalva Supports $2,000 Direct Payments, Votes for the CASH Act

WASHINGTON— Today, the House of Representatives passed the CASH Act, a bill that would increase the amount of economic impact payments under the latest COVID relief bill from $600 to $2,000. After voting for the measure, Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva issued the following statement:

“Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic requires strong government action that meets the magnitude of the crisis and provides our workers, families, and small businesses with the relief they deserve. For months, Congressional Republicans and President Trump have rejected the severity of the virus and played politics with lives and livelihoods. A $600 check was never enough, and $2,000 will do much more in helping families stay afloat during this difficult time.

“While Democrats have been fighting for months to provide additional checks, and passed a bill that included additional $1,200 checks back in May, Trump’s last minute attempt to claim credit for individual checks shows his complete ignorance of the relief negotiations. While he may not have realized that it was Congressional Republicans in the Senate playing obstructionist games all along, he must step up and push his party to immediately pass this bill. Anything less will demonstrate that his actions are nothing short of a final charade.”


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