LGBTQ Rights

A major part of being a Representative to the people of Arizona’s Third District is working to ensure that all of my constituents, regardless of their backgrounds, are treated equally and with the dignity and respect they deserve. LGBTQ Americans continue to face large obstacles in this respect, whether it be executive orders that ban transgender persons from serving our country in the military, or horrific acts of targeted violence against members of the LGBTQ community, as we saw in Orlando with the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Despite this, time and time again we have witnessed the resiliency of the LGBTQ community to overcome the social and institutional discrimination they face in order to enact meaningful change. Thanks to their advocacy and activism, our courts finally recognize what we have known all along: that love is love. As the fight for equality marches on, I will continue to work in Congress to create laws and policies that respect each other’s humanity, and fosters an environment of inclusion for all Americans, including our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

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